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In her work, Latina artist Natalia Vásquez explores the psycho-spiritual processes of transformation from ego to spirit. Playing with the balance between darkness and light, she studies the relationship among the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of existence. Inspired by years of depression, anxiety, and insomnia that led from near death to a life-saving daily meditation practice, Natalia’s imagery symbolizes the paths taken through internal landscapes that lead from chaos to calm. Themes tackled in her works include broken sexuality rooted in sexual violence, memory, dreams/nightmares, fragmentation and integration, beauty within suffering, grief, fear, and redefining identity through love. She combines photography with mixed media and found objects to create spaces that are felt by viewers, and leads meditations and restorative yoga sessions within her installations.

Raised in Miami, Natalia spent a decade in Prague, Czech Republic before returning home. In 2017 she founded Heart in Brain, where her art and photography studio reside, along with an intimate yoga space designed for deep reflection and processing of difficult life experiences through a meditative practice. During her time in Prague, she taught undergraduate students photography at Anglo-American University. Natalia now offers an array of workshops enhancing the disciplined practices of yoga and meditation with a creative outlet.


Unit 2645 #A