Kerry Phillips tells the shared story of things through sculpture and installation using materials, often overlooked, available in a given place at a given time – ranging from things found to collected experiences and retold stories. Often, she’ll alter a space using architectural interventions and enlist the public’s participation in the gathering of materials or through performative interactions.


Between the seemingly accidental nature of the materials she finds & uses and her dogged refusal/inability to look at things in ordinary ways – her installations (collections or inventories, even) have a way of scratching through time & forgetfulness causing you to remember the long-thought-forgotten – like the line from that song you used to love or that word that is always just on the tip of your tongue. Beyond being sweetly nostalgic, her work is intrinsically universal reflecting the true nature of place, time, people & relationship through the objects she uses.


Phillips was a recipient of the 2015 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowships and a commissioned project from the Vizcaya Contemporary Arts Program. She has shown extensively in Miami/South Florida including projects with Locust Projects, Miami Art Museum, Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, ArtCenter/SouthFlorida, Girls’ Club Collection, Deering Estate & Bridge Red Studios Project Space. She earned an MFA from the University of Arizona in 2003. She’s received other grants for her art making from public and private organizations as well as residencies and shows in Ohio, Vermont, New York, North Carolina, Berlin, Krakow and France. Phillips lives and works in Miami.

Unit 2633 #A