Miami-based artist, Ana Carballosa’s (b.Santiago de Cuba,1966) body of work, cannot be encapsulated in a single category. Multidisciplinary by nature, Carballosa is as comfortable in front of a canvas as she is behind the photo lens. She is also an actress, videographer, dialect acting coach, and movie consultant. Such versatility feeds each of her avatars to create a production that is varied and coherent.

Her visual vocabulary is rooted in abstract expressionism and informed by popular culture to deliver—in many cases—spiritual renditions of reality. Profoundly personal and performative, her pieces can be zen and chaotic at the same time, subconscious and cerebral. As live expressions, her paintings are a raw process, without emphasis on a final product. Process as both vehicle and journey, embodied in a fluid gesture as an immediate response to the moment. The artist has participated in solo and group exhibitions, and her work is part of numerous private collections.

Her photographic range allows her to produce series full of action and movement as well as intense, intimate portraits. Ana Carballosa is the exclusive photographer of The New York Times Best Seller book “True Love” by Jennifer Lopez. She was the sole photographer of Jennifer Lopez’s World Tour Dance Again (2012) and her Vegas show All I Have (2016). She is also credited as a videographer for HBO’s documentary Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again. Carballosa’s artwork becomes part of the current contemporary visual language without allowing the local elements to limit the scope of her work.


Unit 2623

No Walls, 2017 Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas 34 x 34.75 inches
The Practice, 2017 30 x 48 inches Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas